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Occasionally, I will get to preview album to review from a newer band that I get real excited about. CITY OF THE WEAK’s new album “Pulling Teeth” is one of those albums. The band released their first 10 song full length album on June 22nd. The Album which is produced by Craig Owens and I think it’s going to impress a lot of people.


I have actually listen to this band in the past when they released a killer cover of Incubus’s “Pardon Me” and this bands latest project doesn’t disappoint. With a sound of a mixture of Paramore and Halestorm, lead singer “Stef w/ an F” belts out pop melodies combined with the bands pretty cool aggressive guitar riffs and moving bass lines to create a genre of their own that can be heard on CITY OF THE WEAK’s first single off “Pulling Teeth”; Not This Time.


I give this album four-microphones on the five-microphone scale because it has a refreshing sound that I think everyone will enjoy. You can download your copy today at on ITunes, Spotify and from this Minneapolis MN bands website. Make sure to catch on the Pulling Teeth Tour making its way around the United States throughout the summer.


Track Listing:

1.     Like I Do

2.     Trust Nobody

3.     Glad You Could Make It

4.     Not This Time

5.     Censor This

6.     Ungrateful

7.     Drag Us Under

8.     Drop the Anchor

9.     Suffer Like Me

10.   Pulling Teeth










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