Phase at the Knitting Factory - Spokane WA



As Phases takes the stage of the Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington the crowd comes alive, lead singer Z Berg introduces the band and they begin their first song. Their high energy dance tunes get the crowd moving. With a voice that resemble that of a Disney princess who escaped from the story book, Z Berg leads the band with subtle control. As the band continues with their set, the crowd gets more excited which just pumps the band up even more. You might not think that there is a need for three keyboards in one band, but Phases pulls it off, each member taking their turn at the keys.


Catchy lyrics that stay in your head this band knows how to put on a show, the members enjoying the music just as much as the crowd is. Z Berg dancing along with the beats as she belts out lyrics. When they come to their hit “I’m in Love with My Life” the crowd catches on by the second verse and helps the band bring the song to an end. From one show it's easy to see why they are chosen to tour with acts like Fitz and the Tantrums and Maroon 5, they pump up the crowd and bring in a sense of happiness among everyone.










Review and Photos by Angela Tuetken



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