Review and Photos by Travis Eisenhard

Starset in Bethlehem, PA


  On August 5th, Starset made their way to the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem. Now, I must be honest. I knew nothing about these guys when they stepped on stage, but I was completely enthralled from the moment the band took the stage. Dressed in what appeared to be some form of tactical gear with light up helmets, I knew I was about to see something special.


  Starset is comprised of Dustin Bates on vocals, Brock Richards on guitar, Ron DeChant on bass, and Adam Gilbert on drums. With only one studio album released in the summer of 2014, the group is still able to power on and perform like they’ve been playing together for decades. Their unique style of alternative metal mixed with an industrial sound makes them something refreshingly different.


  In terms of a show, this is a very cool experience. Starset’s light show and choreographed movements to lights and music were worth the ticket price alone. I’ve seen Gwar perform live and this show, while different, is right on par with an awe inspiring performance.


  I mentioned earlier the light up helmets the band wore.  These helmets had a clear plastic face with lights strung up on the inside. The lights would pulsate to certain beats in the performance and change color to match the mood being portrayed in the song. When you combine this with the lights around the bass drum doing the same thing, and the video screens they had on stage, it was truly awesome. At one point in the show, the video screens displayed a black screen with a white box around the outside. This allowed Brock and Ron to stand in the center of the screen with the lights on their helmets to match. The screens would flicker an explosion of sorts, and would be matched by flickering on their helmets. Very cool to watch from the crowd.


  Starset performed ten of their thirteen songs from “Transmission.” This set would be finished with “My Demons” which is the band’s most notable single. While they only have one album of material, I could have watched the same set time and time again. A truly incredible show with incredible musicians.


  All in all, if Starset comes to your area, be sure to check them out. You won’t regret the experience. I didn’t know anything about these guys when I went to see them, but I’m sure learning more about them now. Definitely one band to keep an eye out for in the near future.











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